Free Remote Operations Quiz

If you’re managing a remote team, are you:

  • Worried your best team members will quit?
  • Trying to attract top talent?
  • Not sure how to have your team optimally collaborate?
  • Confident everyone is on the same page?
  • Feeling like you aren’t getting the full story from your team?

While remote work overall creates happier people, there is a lot more people process that needs to be put in place to make the team thrive.

Learn from the best

We have pulled together best practices from a number of the top authorities on management and remote work to put it into a quiz. Featuring reference pieces from:

  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Buffer
  • Intel
  • Lighthouse
  • Slack
  • Society of Human Resource Management
  • Trello
  • Zapier

What you’ll get

At the end of the report, we’ll email you a PDF that will have actionable ways to improve your team:

  • Make it an attractive place to work
  • Improve team morale
  • Building rapport with each team member to tackle the most sticky situations
  • Stop worrying about your team’s productivity
  • Get everyone aligned and swimming in the same direction
  • Reduce meetings
  • and more!

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