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Want to do a webinar together?

It feels like one of the most engaged audience webinars I've ever seen!! Thanks for the idea of doing this!

--Devon Barnhard (Marketing at Cloverleaf)

The expertise and experience Jevin brought to our joint webinar was invaluable for all who attended. From the principles and practices to the lived anecdotes he shared, few virtual events have been as informative and engaging as ours.

--Michael Boykin (Marketing at Range)

As a marketer, you are regularly looking for high quality, relevant content to help your audience and to keep yourself organization top of mind.

If a segment of your audience has a remote team component, let’s schedule a call to explore collaborating to do a webinar with someone from your team.

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About me

Jevin is a remote work expert who has hired and managed over 50 people from around the world. He consults for tech companies to help them scale their hiring by becoming remote first.

Previous instruction

  • Regular instructor on the O’Reilly platform (Skills for Remote Success) and (Convincing your boss to work remotely) Between 70-200 attendees each.
  • joint webinar - Building Awesome Remote Team Culture & Cohesion

Here’s a full webinar example you can check out:

And another!

What you get

  • The entire list of registrants email addresses
  • My team builds a rich summary of the webinar with screenshots that you can use to turn into:
    • Email content
    • A full web article

Expectations of me

  • Full tech setup (Zoom has been great)
  • Promotion on my list and audience
  • A first draft of the slides in Google Sheets we can use as a base to include your content
  • The list of emails of attendees and registrants after the webinar is over

Expectations from you

  • Promotion on your marketing channels
  • Someone to co-host with me and present your content

What the participants say

my GM & business partner both participated and felt the learned so much to implement in our company’s remote strategy.


If I am honest, I was hoping your seminar yesterday would give me a couple tools (silver bullets really) to make the distance between my team and me seem less daunting. What I got was a helpful dose of reality and encouragement to go and fight the good fight.


The element of personal experience and recommendations were great!


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