A Manager’s Course

If you’re a manager, your team working from home is probably on your mind.

COVID-19 has caught everyone by surprise and forced companies to send their teams to work from home. If you’re a manager in this situation, you probably are unprepared and wondering how to get your team to productive levels again. I’ve been working remotely for a decade and helped organizations thrive while not working together in the office.

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In this course, we’re going to:

  1. Get your basic remote infrastructure setup
  2. Reproduce your “in-office” experience
  3. Move towards asynchronous and higher productivity

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Course Outline

Here are the high level course outline with a number of videos for each section:

  • Set up the core infrastructure
    • Real time communication
    • Whiteboards
    • Project management

Reproducing the “in-office experience”:

  • Kanban/Stick note boards
  • Building in the water cooler
  • Whiteboarding together
  • Standup meetings

  • Slack best practices

  • Getting everyone on the same page

  • Feeling connected to your team

  • Being productive at home

  • Growing professionally while remote

  • Managing being around partner/kids in the house

About Jevin

I’m a software engineer who has worked remotely for over a decade. I’ve hired/managed over 50 people from around world.


  • TheRemoteCTO.com - With my team of nine, located over 6 consultants, built 15 web and mobile products for clients. In every case, releasing the first version in less than 2 weeks.
  • Triage.com - CTO - Managing a hybrid-team of 13 data scientists, data managers and engineers remotely who worked all over the world.
  • WillowBee.ca - Product/Tech/Marketing, Co-Founder - I designed the most advanced Canadian Will and Testament builder. Our team of 5 is entirely distributed.

I have taught remote skills development to over 400 people at O’Reilly Training, and people love it.

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Instructor Reviews

Here are some screenshots of the actual reviews for my O’Reilly course:

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Anticipated release for version 1: March 21, 2020